Water Damage Photo Gallery

2 men with servpro shirts on standing on ladders removing insulation from ceiling

Insulation removal after house has water leak

When an upstairs washing machine had a leak, everything below got wet as well. Here, our team works to remove wet and damaged insulation and ceilings. 

Using Air Vents During Water Damage Restoration in Watertown, CT

When we remove water from a home, we use dehumidifiers with vents to remove the moisture from the home.  By venting a dehumidifier,  our team can effectively use the hot dry air to draw moisture out of the walls. 

Protecting Hardwood Floors When Restoring Water Damage in Torrington CT Home

When we are restoring a home after water damage such as burst pipes, we take care to always protect the undamaged portions of the home, such as hardwood flooring, with plastic sheeting. 

Water Damage To A Recently Renovated Bathroom

This recently renovated bathroom experienced water damages as a result of an ice dam.  Ice dams are formed when snow melts on a roof and refreezes causing a “dam” to form near the edge of the roof prior to the gutter system. Ice dams can be minimized with proper roof ventilation, attic insulation and using a roof rake to remove new snow fall. 

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Don't Forget to Clean Those Drains!

It is important that property owners inspect and clear their storm drains as often as possible.  Especially if there has been a severe rain storm or large amount of melted snow.  If storm drain becomes backed up or clogged with leaves or debris, excess water can flood the property.

Ground Water

Unfortunately, this home owner experienced a substantial flood in their basement.  The cause was due to groundwater.  Groundwater is caused when water tables outside the basement rise above the basement floor.  If there are any open cracks or holes, pressure can push through the water into the space.

Leaky Toilet

This leaky toilet was the cause of this residential home to have experienced a substantial water loss.  The bathroom, which is located on the main level, did extensive damage to their newly finished basement.

Rain Storm Damage

As a result of a recent rain storm, this homeowner experienced flooding in their basement, due to a failed sump pump.  We arrived on site and immediately extracted water, cut back sheet rock and dried out the basement.

Drying Technology

Our crew is specially trained in mitigation and water damage restoration. Using industry drying technology, our technicians will have you back in your home "Like it never even happened."

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